Fruit & Vegetable Boxes for Melbourne & VIC

Fresh, healthy, nutritious fruit & vegie boxes for your family, supporting our farmers and our economy. All producers listed here offer online checkout and delivery to your door.

What makes a great fruit and vegetable box?

I believe fresh ingredients, delivered promptly, sourced from local producers who specialise in organic farming techniques is a great start.

Maybe it’s good value for money and with delivery you can rely on. Maybe they focus on seasonal ingredients, and include other basics such as bread, orange juice, milk and eggs. Maybe they source ingredients from your favourite region, or one that is close to where you live. Or maybe, they're a corporate supplier who has shifted to servicing consumers, and thus has the scale and supplier networks to be a long term reliable source for you and your family.

All are equally reasonable answers, and that's why I've compiled a large list of businesses that can deliver fresh fruit and vegetable boxes to your door. When deciding to add them to this site, I've done my best to ensure they source ethically and preference organic and local ingredients. What I can say for sure is that all offer online purchasing and delivery, so along with getting nutritious and tasty food, you're supporting local businesses.

Here's a list of some of the best suppliers available right here in Victoria.